Cosmetology makes wigs for charity over summer

Ireri Tamayo, Contributing Reporter

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Caney Creek has, for the second year, run its first cosmetology lab on campus and opened opportunities up for many students.

Prior to last year, students had to go to Conroe High School in order to get the cosmetology training they needed. Now with the facility having the new lab on campus, it benefits students by reducing time from going one place to the other and introduces a new curriculum. Their main focus: giving back to the community.

Cosmetology teacher Kendria Monroe had the idea of providing services to Caney Creek students such as nail care, shampoo and style, hair color, as well as free haircuts Thursdays after school.

“I wanted to give something back to students, who, for any reason, can’t afford services of a salon,” Monroe said.

The free services are limited to trims of 1 inch. Full haircuts and other services cost more depending on what the customer wants.

In addition to the free services, Monroe has set new objectives for the cosmetology department. In particular, her number one goal is for seniors to earn their cosmetologist license by graduation, which would help them continue on the cosmetology path which many of them have planned to follow.

“I have planned to hopefully work on a salon, which would help me pay for college,” senior Emily Garcia said.

Over the summer, the cosmetology seniors had the special opportunity to create and donate wigs for cancer patients. Many of her students supported the concept.

“One of my goals for the cosmetology department is to be able to expand through the community,” Monroe said.

A teacher suggested the cancer program where they could donate the wigs. The donations were made to an outpatient program called Cancer Outreach Center.

“I liked that you get to be creative with it,” senior Jennifer Salmoran said. “We do it from start to end, from sewing it, style it and cut it.”

After the wigs are done, the students personally go donate their own customized wig to a patient who needs it.

“I like that it can make somebody smile,” senior Bailey Feece said. “Because it was going to somebody who would need it.”

Ask Monroe for more information on services or the cosmetology program.

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