Rising anxiety in teens partly on shoulders of parents

Rising anxiety in teens partly on shoulders of parents

Ragan Lewis, Opinions Editor

Anxiety is on the rise in teens and it’s adults fault.

It’s not from lack of caring or because they purposely hurt us. It’s because they protect us too much. Growing up means getting hurt and learning from it. Whether it is a, restricting our information or letting us stay home when we “don’t feel good”.

Adults are meant to guide us, they help us learn things and give us the information to choose our own options. But recently that’s not been the case, we often get pampered by our parents with them protecting us from death, uncomfortable emotions and fear. We aren’t told it’s OK to be upset, that happy is what we need to be, but that often makes us unable to work through things. We feel stressed by sad emotions because we aren’t supposed to be sad in our minds.

When we are prevented from experiencing and working through our own obstacles we start to believe that everything that makes us uncomfortable and anxious is to be feared. That there is something truly dangerous about these things. That’s why when faced with even somewhat difficult things we panic, we haven’t learned yet to make decisions to help ourselves and hinders us in the long run.

Our parents don’t want us to experience failure when failure is the building block of success. When we are tired, mopey, and want to stay home, we need to be pushed to be at school, or work or anywhere else. Because we’re able to stay home, we can attempt to hide from failure. We try to hide from things that give us anxiety, that give us fear. We need to face things head on that we fear, like tests, talking, even playing an instrument.

Being someone that suffers from anxiety, it is difficult sometimes to even write a story, but its important for me to put myself out there to realize that this isn’t something to be afraid of. Talk to your parents, because most will never know anything is wrong until we say something.

Anxiety is a major problem and it is parents fault, but if we communicate we can start to solve this rising problem.

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