Conroe ISD Board Election Q&A

Ashton Rushing, Reporter

Conroe Independent School District board elections, like the congressional midterms, will take place Nov. 6. Positions one, two and three are up for election. Below is a Q&A of candidates that responded to The Prowler’s questionnaire.

Kathleen Harmatuk-Swisher, Position 1

1. Why are you running for school board?
As a Licensed Professional Counselor and former school counselor, I have always had a passion for kids. To serve on the school board is a way for me to give back to my community, which I have been a part of since 1994. At this point in my career, I feel I have the time to commit to continuing to make CISD a great place for students, teachers, and staff.

2. Are there any policies you want to change?
CISD has exemplary schools. Our Superintendent and current school board have done a great job in dealing with our ever-expanding district while keeping our district fiscally sound. If there is an area for improvement, I believe students need enhanced positive and safe learning environments to prepare them well for college or the workforce. This can happen, if our community, businesses, parents, teachers, students commit to working together in a nonpartisan way to influence our students to become all that they can be. We are better together.

3. Do you want to change anything in funding, if so what? As I mentioned, the district has done a great job of keeping the district fiscally sound. From what I’ve learned (having never served on a school board before) the District utilizes a demographer from Texas A&M, along with a District Planning Committee to review the needs of each and every feeder zone. Planning for our future growth and maintaining our current resources is always a good move.

4. Do you have any goals in place if you are elected?
My goal would be to continue the vision that the district has regarding fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers, and the vision for quality education for all CISD students. I desire to provide leadership that brings all the key constituents (students, teachers, parents, counselors, administrators, and businesses) working together to make the best decisions that serve all CISD students.
5. Why do you think you should be elected?
My education, experience, and love for children give me a unique position for this role. I have been on the inside and outside, as an educator (school counselor) and then as a parent. Currently running a private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor provides additional insight to what CISD and students need now and as challenges arise.

Dale Iman, Position 1

1. Why are you running for school board?
I have 3 primary objectives: 1) Giving every student a chance at success. This is accomplished through offering students preparation for career, vocational, and/or college success. 2) Giving the taxpayer a voice in increasing “in classroom” dollars. 3) Working to ensure schools offer a safe learning environment.

2.Are there any policies you want to change?
Yes, I would like to see a greater percent of taxpayer dollars going into student educational improvement and classroom expenditures.

3.Do you want to change anything on funding if so what? Yes, the rapid growth of tax money spent on programs, administration salaries/benefits, staff, “extra” spending, outside teacher and classroom expenditures must be curtailed.

4.Do you have any goals in place if you are elected ? Yes, as answered above 1) more student success opportunities, 2) efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars, 3) a safe learning environment.

5.Why do you think you should be elected?My educational and business background give me a unique perspective on finance and budgeting. I have started multiple businesses and successfully built them, managed them, and sold some. Schools have problems, I am able to offer solutions.

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