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Hall monitor getting more students to class

Trevin Simons & Joseph Floyd, Contributing Reporters

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It will be harder for students to skip or sneak out of class after administration created a new hall monitor position.
Principal Dr. Jeff Stichler hired Ronald Sanders, a former Navy chief, for the new position to catch the students who do not have a pass or who are skipping class. Stichler said the change is already showing some benefits.
“We always have people in the hall during passing periods, but when the bell rings, every teacher has something to do,” he said. “They have to go back to their office, so we hired a hall monitor to look for kids being out of area at that time.”
Stichler said they have “ran some numbers” from last year and the first couple weeks of this year.
“It looks better, kids are getting to class more,” he said, adding that kids are not skipping as much and the ones that are, are getting caught.
Sanders said that kids are putting in more effort to get to class on time.
“I think the biggest thing that has changed is the kids always have their passes on in the halls and its filled out right,” Sanders said. “I have been working in the military my whole life and working with young people. A reason I wanted to be a hall monitor is so I can give a chance to share some stuff I learned in the military and empower the students to make the right decisions.”
Junior Brett Bonjour said it was a good addition to the school.
“I think kids will get to class on time more,” Bonjour said. “I do not mind him that much “I am never really out of class so I barely see him anyway.

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Hall monitor getting more students to class