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Idleness killed the CCAT

Study hall period nixed after being underused by students for work

Bethany Barnes & Julea Henthorn, Contributing Reporter

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The recently removed Caney Creek Academic Time class might make a comeback in a few years.

When the STAAR test was first initiated, students all around the state were failing left and right, according to Principal Dr. Jeffrey Stichler. To solve the problem, the administration created Caney Creek Academic Time, a 30-minute class period, which was fitted into every student’s schedule at our campus.

Administration removed CCAT for this school year. CCAT’s purpose faded and students benefited from it less and less, according to Stichler.

“CCAT class was kind of like a shirt you wear a lot,” Sitchler said. “After a while, you will get bored of the shirt and put it away, but after a few months you see it again after it hiding deep in your closet. Then decide to start wearing it again.”

Junior Mckenzie Ochoa said students took the class as a free period to sleep and talk rather than work on homework or other assignment.

“A lot of people didn’t do their work and messed around the whole time,” Ochoa said.

She said the whole thing just became a mess and most wouldn’t actually take the time and use the advantage of the benifit the class was giving them to fix their mistakes and become better.

Ending in a downhill spiral until it was finally removed. Since it was removed they have used the time dedicated to CCAT class into instructional minutes for all of the class throughout the day. Once CCAT was removed, teachers got more instruction time. Science teacher Nichole Huse said CCAT sounded like a good idea in theory, but still had its faults.

“In practice it didn’t work the way it was supposed to,” Huse said. “It wasn’t a graded class, so kids didn’t really pay attention.”

Athletes and students in advanced academic classes or clubs tended to use the class time wisest according to many students and teachers, as the extra responsibility required more time to prepare.

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Idleness killed the CCAT