Former student Gerke remembered after fatal crash


Angie Rodriguez, News Editor

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, at least 3,720 people were killed on Texas roadways in 2017. Unfortunately, another number was added to the 2018 statistic.

Former student Dustin Gerke died in a car crash that occured on June 9. Reports say he had been going at an unsafe speed limit, which caused the vehicle to lose control.

Gerke and one other person were found in the vehicle off of FM 1484. The vehicle had driven off of the roadway, causing Gerke to overcorrect and flip over multiple times. Gerke was ponounced dead at the scene while his girlfriend was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

After his passing, many students were deeply affected including one of his close friends senior Noah Miller. Miller said that Gerke’s passing is something that was unexpected, especially because of how they were still in high school when it occurred.

“With him being such a good friend, and being one of the only few people I trust makes it even more difficult,” Miller said. “He was the same person inside of the school as outside. He was fun, outgoing, and plenty of jokes.

“There was no real dull moment.”

One of many other students impacted by Gerke’s death is Senior Skyla Ramnage. She was good friends with Gerke before the accident occured.

“I definitely look out when i’m driving now and take in more into consideration,” Ramnage said. “We miss him everyday, we just can’t change it.”

As well as impacting many students, some of his past teachers were affected as well. One of these teachers is English teacher Nicole Brodie. Brodie was fond of the way Gerke acted in class. He often seemed to be the ‘class clown’ and lightened everyone’s mood by telling jokes and uplifting them.

“My heart breaks for his friends, and as a mother myself I can’t imagine what his family is going through,” Brodie said. “As a senior class sponsor I want to do things for the senior class, and whenever we do important things I want to make sure that we remember Dustin.”

“He was a part of our class and he always will be.”

Gerke’s vigil was held June 13. Gerke’s family also hosted a birthday party for him and his twin sister Cheyenne Gerke last Saturday.

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