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Creek students protest in ‘March for our lives’

Ireri Tamayo, Contributing Reporter

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As a way to remember the ones that lost their lives in the most well-known school shooting at Columbine High School, and as a way to demand the government for more gun control, students nationwide held a walk out calling for action April 20.

More than 2,600 schools nationwide took part, Caney Creek included. Two events took place simultaneously.

First, the school sponsored a remembrance reading over the intercom that honored the lives of school shooting victims at Columbine and Parkland High School in Florida. The walkout was not organized by the school, but took place at the same time as the reading.

The walkout and remembrance took place shortly before the end of third period, multiple students showed wearing orange, the color that has been transformed into a symbol to stop gun violence. The walkout took about 30 minutes. During that time, many students gave their opinion about the situation that students are facing at this moment.

“I think it proves something to know that these students still walkout and that they do want to support, they want their rights to be acknowledged by the rest of the world,” senior Wyatt Langehennig said.

Several held signs with messages arguing for more gun control.

During the walkout, Principal Dr. Jeff Stichler, assistant principals and security were present, in order to make sure the walkout was safe for everyone who participated, but did not interfere in at any moment. Several students thought the walk out should have been endorsed by the staff a little more because it would’ve been more organized.

“Some people didn’t know there was a walkout and that made the turnout smaller than what it could have been,” junior Jonathan Ponce said. Ponce was one of the students who read the nonpolitical remembrance over the intercom along with sophomore Jose Solis.

Senior Wendy Starks was one of the leaders and organizers of this walkout where she also read a speech.

“This country was founded and improved continuously on citizen activism,” Starks said in part. “We understand that our generation is the future, and that we are in control of our future, we might not be old enough to vote… but we can make change, we are making change.”

Some students in the walkout made arguments against the pro-gun-control protesters.

One issue that kept popping up was bullying. Many said that bullied students were the cause of the rash of school shootings. Stichler said the school needs to be notified if students are bullied.

“If no one in the school bullies others and they stand up to their friends who are bullying others, then that’s how to stop it,” Stichler said “Notify people when that’s happening, or notify people when they hear the dangerous things could happen, if these thing happen we’ll be in a lot better place.”

Initially, the school planned to host an organized walkout with a safe environment for students to discuss the issue. After discussing with student leaders, Stichler and other administrators decided not to do that – opting for the intercom announcement instead.

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Creek students protest in ‘March for our lives’