CISD PD declares threat ‘not credible’

Principal warns parents to verify social media posts before acting


Photo by: Clover Plaugher | The Prowler

Parents pulled their children from school after a threat circulated late Thursday night.

George Juarez, Editor-In-Chief

After much rumor and students leaving school early, Caney Creek High School sent an email to parents declaring the perceived threats were deemed “not credible.”

According to an email from Principal Dr. Jeff Stichler, the Conroe ISD Police department investigated the rumors that went around social media late Thursday night.

As you know, there have been many rumors circulating on social media … Each rumor has been investigated … and determined to not be credible.”

— Principal Dr. Jeff Stichler

“As you know, there have been many rumors circulating on social media about something bad happening at Caney Creek High School,” Stichler wrote. “Each rumor has been investigated by campus administration in collaboration with the Conroe ISD Police Department and determined to not be credible.

“Given the pervasiveness of the rumors, our campus has made several adjustments to assist our students in feeling safe and comfortable as well as helping them have a successful day at school.”

Stichler wrote those adjustments to the day included a modified lunch schedule and cancelling the planned pep rally. School was dismissed at 2:35 p.m. as normal.

Parents began signing out students from class due to a threat that circulated social media. Lines of cars stretched out of the front of the parent drop-off and a longer line of parents led out of the front door of the school waiting to pick students up.

According to a screenshot obtained by The Prowler, the threat involved a fight between two groups of students.

“If you know anybody that is in Caney Creek you might want to let them know either don’t go to school or something because my stepmom and another person just told me that there is going to be a Mexican vs white tomorrow that the Mexicans…,” the message said in part.

The police found the threats to be unsubstantiated.

An email sent to parents on Thursday assured parents that the police were investigating the threats.

“The Conroe ISD Police Department along with our administrative team take any rumored threats very seriously and do everything possible to make sure Caney Creek High School and Conroe ISD are safe,” Stichler’s email said Thursday.

He also noted that the school was providing additional police officers on campus throughout the day.

In the first of the three emails sent to parents Thursday, Stichler addressed a fight between two students that included a calligraphy pen taken from an art class.

“Campus personnel intervened immediately to separate the students and medical attention was sought,” Stichler wrote. “This matter is being addressed in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.”
It’s unclear whether this fight started the eventual rumors.

In the most recent email, Stichler reminded parents to be wary of what they read on social media platforms.

“We would like to remind everyone to verify information prior to passing it along whether it be shared via social media or text,” he wrote. “We ask that you have a conversation with your students this evening about the issues of misinformation on social media, but also reinforce the importance of reporting suspected dangers to the appropriate authorities.”

Individuals are recommended to make reports to the Conroe ISD Police Dispatch at 936-709-8911 or anonymously at 1-888-KidChat (543-2428).

To learn more on safety information, visit

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