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Leo Club members help out at Texas Lions Camp

Leo Marban, Contributing Reporter

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As they walked up the hills sweating with dedication, they left a track of hard work and commitment. The final destination, a nice facility for disabled children.

Leo Club went out to clean up the Texas Lions Camp at Kerrville, Texas on May 5. They left after school on May 4 and came back on May 6. TLC is free camp for special needs kids to go and have fun. Volunteers from all over the place drive overthere to help clean the camp on a weekend.

“Everyone was really excited to go with everyone, we got really good people to go with us so everyone had a good character,” junior Tiffany Guevara said.

Leo Club was assigned to clean a horse barn this year. The boys and girls both spread out and helped clean different things. The boys were cutting down branches and throwing away old metal. The girls cleaned and oiled horse saddles, and their coats.

“Even at the end, after the six or seven hours they’ve already been working, they’re still pretty motivated and still have a smile on their face because they’re enjoying and appreciating the work that they’re doing,” co-sponsor Gannon Rust said

Leo Club is an organization that allows students to achieve their leadership potential through volunteer opportunities they create.

“I like helping my community, and Leo Club allows me to do that,” junior Jonathan Ponce said.

The club has gone to whispering pines, a retirement center for the elderly, to make their day better by taking thanksgiving dinner and also by giving them company by playing games with them. They have also cleaned up the cut and shoot park, volunteer at festivals and had a float at the Conroe christmas parade.

They have volunteered at the Conroe kidzfest to help with the moonwalk stations. In Fright Night, half of the club helped with a haunted hallway, and the other half organized a bake sale. They have also helped the Montgomery County Food Bank food drive, Creighton Elementary’s field day and gone Angel tree shopping.

“Having volunteers come in and clean the place up rather than pay having to do that is a big deal,” Rust said. “They try to make it a place where kids with physical disabilities don’t feel disabled they feel like they’re capable of doing as much as a normal person.”

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Leo Club members help out at Texas Lions Camp