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JV football game cancelled due to injuries

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JV football game cancelled due to injuries

Photo by: Jackie Rebollar

Photo by: Jackie Rebollar

Photo by: Jackie Rebollar

Yamileth Maldonado, Sports Editor

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The football junior varsity team will finish the season without playing their second to last game against Lufkin due to 13 injuries.

The majority of them aren’t participating due to concussions, sprains, and .The team was left with only 14 athletes available to participate in the game. According to Svendsen, most of the linemen have been getting injured.

“My teammates most of them have concussions,” sophomore Antonio Lopez, one of the injured players, said. “In last week’s game, like three people got a concussion.”

Some players say the the JV team has had a lack of commitment with players quitting and others not showing up to practices. Svendsen said that athletes quitting isn’t a factor that affects the team but  “Just like anything else, you got kids that are going to be ineligible.”

Svendsen said that in order to play football you need linemen to play both offensive and defensive sides, but while they fall short with the number of linemen that won’t be possible.

“We don’t have enough guys out front to play, you’re so thin out there and like I said you need linemen to play,” Svendsen said

Today, the JV team will be standing in the sidelines with the varsity team during their game against Lufkin. Though some players believed they could have played this week, many of them hope to get players cleared to play their final game.

“There’s a few ways our season could end and I really hope it doesn’t end like this,” sophomore Louis Rodriguez said. “I really hope our players can recover fast and healthy to try and finish out season strong.”

This season’s final game will be against Magnolia on Friday, Nov. 9.

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JV football game cancelled due to injuries