Golf putting in work to prepare for district tournament in spring

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Golf putting in work to prepare for district tournament in spring

Julea Henthorn and Alexis Lutz, Contributing reporters

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In golf there is ups and downs during the games and the season, but the players have shown with their scores that it has been stable and neutral.

“The team consists of 16 students,” Coach Whitworth said. “On the varsity team there is 5 boys and 5 girls.”

One of the boys on the varsity team is senior John Neely. The team looks at him as “team captain.” They believe he is a good player as his lowest score was a 76 once.   

The Caney Creek golf team has had four tournaments total, including two games for the boy’s team and two for the girl’s team. Their meets and practices have been helping them out and making the team better overall.

“During rough patches when playing golf the team has a poster of motivational quotes in the storage room,” Whitworth said.

During practice and meets they start off with warming up which involves drives; a type of stroking in golf, putting, and working with any rough patches the team has made during other games. The coach usually sets up mini courses for the team to play on also.

Outside of school the team likes to have little events such as going to River Plantation and Top Golf  which are golf courses. These littles events bring the team closer together and also help the students better their skills.

“My players know what I expect from them,” Whitworth said. “We are in constant communication both at practice and during tournaments.” “Our kids understand where their game is at the moment and where it needs to be.”

While the team has been doing good, Whitworth tries to make the best they can be by giving expectations and goals they are told they need to reach.

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