Mighty Panther Band earns superior rating at UIL


Photo by: Rose Fowler

MARCHING TO THE BEST BEAT. The Mighty Panther Marching Band performs at the Moorhead Stadium. This year, the band earned a superior rating during the UIL marching competition.

Mayra Torres & Jaelei Shaw, Contributing Reporters

The Mighty Panther Band scored superior at University Interscholastic League Marching Competition this year.

Band members first day of practice started August 1, while the Color Guard began July 15. Both band and color guard practiced everyday from 2:50 to 4:50 after school to memorize their sets and work towards achieving their goal at UIL.

Band director Stephen Kloesel has taught students for 24 years and says he has loved to work with them.

“Teaching students isn’t hard, it’s part of the job,” Kloesel said. “I love to see students working together as a team.”

Senior Drum Major Olivia Durand said that the relationship within the group caused them to push each other farther. Before heading to compete at UIL, they performed at three competitions. Their first being Sept. 22 at Splendora, followed by their next competition at Madisonville Sept. 29 and finishing at the Woodforest Bank Stadium Oct. 20.

“We are doing good because our scores increased,” Durand said. “Of course we come home with all the trophies and stuff because we’re the only ones in our division, but our scores are only getting better and better, and that’s what matters is the numbers.”

Head band director Jeremy Rehbein said he enjoyed this year’s show, and believed it to be one of the best shows he has done.

“Obviously the deeper you get the more refined the band gets,” Rehbein said. “We’re playing a lot stronger, we’re playing better together, we’re more cohesive as a group.”

As the band concluded its marching season at halftime, they dubbed the seniors as “section of the week” as a final goodbye. Sophomore Carlie Ramshur said that she will miss the seniors greatly, and is thankful for the impact they made on her life.

“I feel like my soul is being ripped from my heart.” Ramshur said.

The students have switched to concert mode and performed their Christmas concert last Monday. They will perform at solo and ensemble Feb. 22, 2019 and participate in the Go Texan Parade the next day.

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