Caney Creek on cusp of becoming 6A with pop. nearing 2,100

George Juarez, Editor-In-Chief

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As the years go by, the student population increases and rooms get filled up.

With new subdivisions such as Granger Pines and Star Ridge being constructed and located within Caney Creek High School’s zone, becoming a 6A school is going from a far-off discussion to real planning.

There are currently 499 seniors, 461 juniors, 537 sophomores and 578 freshman, according to the campus administration. Next year, most of
the 597 eighth graders will head over from Moorhead Junior High School.

“Five to 10 years from now we will probably be close to 3,000 students here at the high school,” Stichler said.

In order to become a 6A school, 2,100 students need to be enrolled at the high school. All high schools within Conroe ISD compete in the 6A conference, with the exception of Grand Oaks High School and Caney Creek High School.

According to the Campus Profile of each of the following campuses in the CISD web page, The Woodlands High School has 4,345 students, Conroe High School has 4,065, The Woodlands College Park High School has 3,120, Oak Ridge High School has 2,839 students and Grand Oaks High School has 1,244 students.

With 2,075 students in Caney Creek High School, number don’t expect to drop as years go by.

While other schools like Oak Ridge High School have issues with space, Caney Creek doesn’t have that issue quite yet. When the school was first built, it functioned as both a junior high and high school that left room to grow.

The 2200 hallway classrooms are yet to be filled.

According to Stichler, there are 13 to 14 classrooms still available.

“That’s 350 more kids we can hold just by using those classrooms,” he said. “We have plenty of room for our continued growth right now, classroom-wise of course,” Stichler said.

New programs and organizations have been introduced for the past few years. Two years ago, wrestling, construction and welding were added. Last year, the cosmetology program was introduced. Finally this year, the health science program and child care were initiated. Discussions on opening a new program for next year are not anticipated.

“I think we’re going to grow the programs we have,” Stichler said. “I don’t know if we’ll get any new ones. Sometimes having stronger programs with more kids is better than just having a whole bunch of little programs with a few kids in them.”

UIL reclassifies schools every two years. The earliest CCHS will see a change in classification would be the 2020-2021 school year.

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