Boys basketball working to improve over record-setting season last year

Trevin Simmons & Joseph Floyd, Contributing Reporters

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The boys basketball team is hoping to surpass last years outcomes and make it to playoffs.

In order to do that they have been improving on getting better every day by mentally preparing their self by putting their standards and goals to make it to the playoffs. Head coach Randy Appiah hopes to surpass last year’s double digit wins.

“Last year we did things that were never done,” Appiah said. “The team did amazing things.”

During preseason they focused on weight and conditioning assignments and programs.They have done many things as a team like traveling different places like pearland and many other places for spring league and Working on building their relationship as a team.

“We worked out everyday in the weight room and went straight to the court to work on our basketball skills,” team captain Jayden Spaulding said.

Junior Troy Eubanks said the team is doing great but in order to be a good team they need to be in the same page and make improvements in team building.

“We are all a family and we treat each other that way,” Eubanks said. “There is some team building that is needed for us to be on the same page, but we have good team chemistry over all.”

Appiah said the team is a very competitive group that are knowledgeable about what they are trying to do and talk to each other. Overall he holds them accountable and gives them opportunities to talk to each other.

“I think through communication you can always improve team work,” he said. “I made them responsible for their improvements.”

The varsity team consists of four returning players and nine other players coming from last years JV team. with the team consisting of many new players the team lacks experience.

Spaulding said since the season is just now starting and the team has a lot of young players as a team they are trying to get better together to make a better team.

“Since the team is young I must keep everyone’s head high and keep us going through rough times,” He said.

Appiah stays after school them every day making sure he teaches the fundamentals process based incremental improvement.

“Getting them together, playing and giving them goals is very important,” Appiah said. “Everyday I motivate them by staying on them, checking on their classes grades and give them goals.”

“Our Coaches motivate us everyday and want nothing but the best for us,” Spaulding said.

During practices the athletes focus on their new opponents, by watching film on their previous games or new contestants. Then they go to the gym and get their shots up and base their practices on their next opponents moves. Later shifting their focus to competitive drills and set up for defensive and offensive schemes in preparation for their opponents.

“I think with kids this age if you make drills competitive it will always motivate them,” Appiah said.

Their efforts have been reflected in the court after the team placed third in the Sweeney tournament being the second time in school history to place in a tournament.

The boys basketball team faces Huntsville Tuesday, Dec 18.

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