New paraprofessionals, teacher make home at the creek

Gracie Lang & Brook'lynne Taylor, Contributing Reporters

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There have been four new paraprofessionals and one new teacher added to the employee roster since the school year started.

Bradley Fisher

Fisher arrived to Caney Creek in October, taking over the IT paraprofessional position after Erik Allen left after the school year began for another position.

Before he started work here, Fisher was an IT technician at UPS.Fisher said the reason he came to Caney Creek was because he wanted to get out of UPS and he saw that there was a spot open here.

Fisher said he had always been good with computers.

“I had people in my neighborhood that had asked me to help them with their computers, so I already had it on my resume,” he said.” I went to The Woodlands Christian Academy and I had an off period. I would go to the IT lady’s room and asked her if she needed help, because I liked working with computers.”

Fisher said the best part of his day is seeing the relief on a teacher’s face when a their computer is messed up and they think that it’s not going to work all day and he fixes it.

Rikki Thompson

Rikki Thompson started working as the substitute coordinator and copy clerk on Halloween. She said she wanted to become a paraprofessional because it was a more traditional job after working for Carrabba’s.

Thompson had heard about the job from a friend.

“I know the Assistant Principal Kathy Franklin, and she had mentioned the opening here at Caney Creek.”

Thompson said so far, she loves her job here.

Rebecca Flowers

Rebecca Flowers arrived in late September. Before she came to Caney Creek, she was a nanny for special needs kids. She had been looking on the CISD website for a job. Working in the COVE with special needs kids was the first job she applied for.  

Flowers said she loves working with special needs kids.

Nicholas Smith-Eppinette

Nicholas Smith-Eppinette has been at Caney Creek since the beginning of October teaching chemistry, filling in for former teacher Brent Rahwles who left earlier in the year.

He went to college at University of Houston-Downtown and majored in biology.

Smith decided to come to Caney Creek because he is from Conroe and he looked up to his teachers.

“I wanted to become a teacher because I really looked up to professors in college and the teachers and coaches in high school,” he said. “ I have a passion in science and I wanted to share that.”

Smith said he was observing teachers and when the long-term position came up, he applied for the job.

Brenna Richard

After not ever being at CISD, Brenna Richard started working as a paraprofessional at Caney Creek in September.

Before Richard came to Caney Creek she was a supervisor at a call center and a stay at home mom for five years. She became a paraprofessional because she needed a schedule that matched her kids schedule and she loves working with kids.

A suggestion had been made that Richard look for a job.

“The principal and attendance clerk at her kids school told her to start looking and she just happened to be looking on the CISD website and found the job.”

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