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Let there be (no) light

Class of 2019 hosts first-ever, blackout pep rally

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Let there be (no) light

Yesica Rodriguez-Cortez & Emily Osorio, Contributing Reporters

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Caney creek hosted their first blackout pep rally in the performance gym on Nov 9.

Class of 2019 adviser and english teacher Nicole Brodie came up with the idea due to her high school experience. The purpose was to raise money for the seniors and return money to the school. The fundraiser had a good turnout.

Brodie and the class officers: President Rosy Solis, Vice President Marlen Meza ,Secretary Valarie Garcia, Treasurer Jesus Guerrero and Class representative Trentin Reneau, had the blackout pep-rally in mind for a year now.

Brodie wanted to add more games with the students including more in the glow items, but due to this being the first pep rally, administration wanted to see how it was going to go for the first time.

“The bigger the better,” Brodie said.

JROTC posting of the colors opened up the pep rally, following with the drumline , theatre , Cheerleaders , Colorguard ,and the Starlettes. Drumline played , Theatre did a skit , the cheerleaders cheered for their class , Colorguard did a routine with their white flags and due to the black lights they standed out ,and the Starlettes performed a mario mix .

“I felt really excited about it being my first ever blackout pep rally because I really wanted it to happen even when it wasn’t a thing .” senior Jordy Perez said. “Now, it’s kind of sad because it’s my last year and we aren’t able to do another one.”

Class of 2020 tried winning over the class spirit stick throwing, confetti cannons ,powdered cannons , glow sticks, silly string paper rolls and balloons.

“I was aggravated because we should’ve won the spirit stick , we had more school spirit and we kept it happy all the time. “ Junior Nayeli Saldaña said. “We will continue to fight for it.”


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Let there be (no) light