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Dreaming to becoming one of them

Junior Skylar Harris at a young age performing with Caney Creek High School cheerleaders at a football game.

Junior Skylar Harris at a young age performing with Caney Creek High School cheerleaders at a football game.

Annali Ward, Contributing Reporter

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Children at a young age often dream of becoming doctors, astronauts, and even police officers. But to three Caney Creek students, their dream was to become part of the CCHS cheerleading team.

The cheerleading program has been organizing a cheer clinic for the past few years and served as a catapult for young children from local feeder schools to become Caney Creek cheerleaders. Juniors Skylar Harris, Melanie Norris and Savannah Turner were a part of the Cheer Clinic when they were younger.

Turner said cheer clinics are a great opportunity for kids to get to know the feeling of cheerleading before they actually do it.

“They help you and give pointers on what you should know before going into cheerleading.” Turner said.

Lindsey Holmes, Melanie Norris’s sister, was a part of the cheer clinic and graduated from Caney Creek High School in 2011. She later went on to become a cheerleader at Sam Houston State University.

Skylar said the journey was “Fun, we grew together and built a strong bond.”

Tina Harris, Skylar’s mother, said she is proud of them.

“They looked up to all the (Caney Creek) cheerleaders like they were big stars,” Tina said.

Norris previously had a leg injury at the age of 12. However, that didn’t stop her from becoming a cheerleader.

“Bad things happen,” Norris said. “All friends will always be there, and you’ll find the true ones and they’ll be there forever. So always keep a smile on your face.”

The children who participated this year met up in the performance gym Oct. 20, to practice new cheers, motions, jumps, and got a chance to dance with the Caney Creek cheerleaders. They also took them to a football game at Buddy Moorhead Stadium on Oct. 26 against Waller.

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Dreaming to becoming one of them