More block days: waste of time

Angie Rodriguez, News Editor

Due to the “productivity” of block days, rumors have persisted about changing the normal school schedule to become a full block day schedule next year. Regardless of the veracity of those rumors, doing so would end up a reckless mess.

Throughout the span of this school year, Caney Creek has had approximately four sets of block days. These blocks days were intended to provide longer hours for benchmark testing and labs. However, there are several problems with this schedule.

First of all, there is an overwhelming negative view on block days. Even though block days have received a positive view from administration, there is still a majority of students and staff that dislike them because of the long hours. Dragging a forced schedule on students who already dislike going to school would just cause more students to avoid or skip class.

Secondly, teachers would be forced to fill up the time frame to ensure the two hours are used properly. The major issue with the block days the school has had prior, is the amount of teachers that finish their lesson plans early and still have an extra hour of class time left. The teachers are not using the block days to the full extent that they should, and no matter what teachers are told to do, there are still some that will waste their time.   

Lastly, students would have a hard time trying to learn because of the gap between classes. Due to their classes being flip-flopped every day, students would have to wait an entire day to ask their teacher questions on what they didn’t understand. They wouldn’t be able to learn consistently and will end up with lower grades in their classes.

On the other hand, block days do allow a full day for students to work on homework. This allows students involved in sports or extracurricular activities to worry less about their class work and focus on their game without stressing out. But students who put off the homework in the first place wouldn’t finish it, and the extra day given in the schedule would be wasted when the work is assigned to those students.

While administrators and some others believe block days are helping the school, they are making more negative effects than positive ones. The administration should keep block days to a minimum, to ensure both the convenience and the effectiveness of having them.

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