StuCo to participate in “Texas: Hi, how are you?” day

Angie Rodriguez, News Editor

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Student council is planning on participating in the “Texas: Hi, how are you? Day”.

Students will be encouraged to wear green to show support towards this holiday. The day is part of a state-wide service to raise mental health and suicide awareness.

Many student council members have shown their support towards the event including junior President Ivan Sanchez.

“I think it’s very important to let others know that they’re not alone,” Sanchez said. “It’s good because just checking up one someone can go a long way for a person that’s going through something.”

Adviser Tracy Underwood said she saw a lot of staff and students dressed up to show support towards the holiday.

“Green or no green, mental health issues are a growing problem not only in adults but teens as well,” Underwood said. “Our council wants all students and staff members to know that we care about them and genuinely want to know how they are doing.”

The event was promoted on Twitter and other social media to help spread the message.

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