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Two students recovering after house burned down

George Juarez, Editor-in-Chief

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Winter break should bring happiness and relaxation. Unfortunately, that was not the case for two Caney Creek High School students.

On Jan. 2, freshman Cheyenne Braune, sophomore Savannah Wood, and two of their siblings who attend to Moorhead Junior High School and Creighton Elementary house burned down due to a space heater that was plugged in and caught fire.

“Just couldn’t breathe cause of all the smoke and I couldn’t see anything just all the lights from the fire trucks and the fire,” Braune said. “My ears were like puffy, I couldn’t hear anything.”

A benefit will be held Feb. 23, at Bull Sallas Park in New Caney. The family needs resources for building supplies and gift baskets filled with goodies to be raffled off at the benefit. Donations can be brought to Communities in Schools office room 1113.

Wood said she had just gotten off of Facetime with one of her closest friends.

“When I heard a loud bang in the kitchen, I went to open the door to my room and I met a face of smoke and I quickly shut it because I was scared,” she said.

Wood said the accident was just so traumatic, she didn’t sleep for a week afterwards.

“I watched everything I had, everything my parents worked for be completely ruined,” she said. “My dad was speechless, he just watched it all burn up. We put so much money into restoring that house in the last 2 years and it just all went away in a matter of 10 minutes.”

The family is now planning to rebuild a two-story house with five bedrooms. Braune and Wood are currently living with their stepdad, mother, little brother and younger sister.

“Just don’t take anything for granted because you could easily lose it all.” Braune said.

For more information, contact CIS coordinator Brittany Pennick.

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Two students recovering after house burned down