Bond Election to be held in May

Alexius Rocha, Contributing Reporter

Conroe ISD will host a bond election May 4 totalling $807 million in projects all over the district.
The Conroe ISD Board of Trustees approved the bond election for May 4.
To fund the bond, which is a voter-approved loan, the district expects to have to increase the I&S tax rate from $1.28 per $100 property valuation to $1.31 – about a $60 a year increase on a $200,000 property.
Bonds include only physical projects – called capital improvements – including this bond that proposes construction of four new schools and other new facilities, campus renovations to existing buildings and facilities, as well as technology and safety projects.
The schools added will consist of three new elementary schools, one in each of the Conroe, Caney Creek and Grand Oaks feeder zones.
The bond will also include a new junior high building in the Caney Creek feeder zone, as well as capacity and program updates. The current Moorhead Junior High building would transition to a new intermediate school.
There will also be classroom additions for Oak Ridge High School, York Junior High School and Conroe High School Ninth Grade, and The Woodlands College Park High School. The Woodlands High School will get a robotics lab and science classroom addition.
The district previously held a bond in 2015, which created five new schools including Grand Oaks High School.
“Due to being a new campus, there are no real immediate needs in the proposed 2019 bond, (for Grand Oaks)” Grand Oaks Principal Dr. Christopher Povich said. “Indirectly, the addition at York Junior High School and a new elementary will address student growth for the Grand Oaks High School feeder.”
Districtwide facility and transportation needs would add central maintenance and custodial work, new buses, transportation center expansions and renovations, Jett center decommissioning, Hauke building renovations, and the current ninty year old teacher training center is being vacated; new facility will be built on current CISD land at Woodforest bank stadium.
Early voting for May 4 election starts April 22.

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