Masonry program to start after donation

Gracie Lang, Contributing Reporter

The building trades class received a donation of equipment from Dee Brown Inc. right after Christmas to start a masonry program next year.

Building trades teacher Ignacio Sauceda reached out to a few companies looking for donations. Matt Clark forwarded the email to David Barnes both from Dee Brown. Barnes responded saying they wanted to donate. With this equipment, Sauceda will start the masonry program next year that focuses on stonework, like building with bricks, for example. Sauceda said he could not believe this was happening.

“I told myself to keep it together,” Sauceda said. “When he left, that is when I let out my excitement. I was literally jumping for joy. I couldn’t believe that someone was willing to do all of this for my program.”

Barnes said he wants to help grow the masonry industry.

“I just got back from a convention and they were talking about growing the industry,”          Barnes said. “I wanted to try and do the same thing.”

They have started using the donated equipment and senior Max Carreon said he likes using the equipment over the normal construction materials.

“I got into the masonry program because it was something that was interesting to me,” Carreon said.

Sauceda hopes this program will help the students get ready for their future careers.

“I am expecting the masonry program to be successful, because in the job industry this kind of work is high demand,” Sauceda said.

Freshman Riley Hoyle is looking forward to the new masonry program.

“I hope it will teach me how to work in the masonry and that we get good masons, ” Hoyle said.

Jesse Herb Slavens has experience in the masonry industry, and will be helping out once it starts.

“I will be working with them as long as Sauceda needs me, and as long as I am able to,” Slavens said.

Freshman Logan Rodgers decided to be in the masonry program because his family grew up as carpenters.

“I wanna be the jack of all trades,” Rodgers said.

Hoyle has high hopes for his future and the future of others.

“We aren’t just building walls and building structures, we are building our future and the future of the world,” Hoyle said.

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