Bellingardi first student to make all-state choir


All-STATE. Dr. Jeffrey Stichler hands senior Enzo Bellingardi a folder that he used in the Texas all-state mixed choir.

Brook’lynne Taylor, Contributing Reporter

Senior Enzo Bellingardi’s heart was racing while waiting on his named to be called up to the stage, his body filled with excitement, burst with excitement when he found out he made it to the all-state choir.
Bellingardi was the first student to make it to state choir in 20 years. The state competition took place Jan. 12 in San Antonio. Bellingardi said he was confident in himself that he could make it even further.
He said he had an amazing experience when he got to go to state and met others like him who also enjoy music and singing.
“It was amazing like when you’re in a room with like over 200 kids that are just as good as you,” he said.
He ran into a few things he did not expect from state competitors. They weren’t as professional as he thought they were going to be, he added.
“I’m not going to lie, I was expecting a more serious experience when I went to San Antonio,” he said. “It was still a lot of fun.”
Bellingardi’s plans in the future to become a choir director.
“I wasn’t trying to do it for the school,” he said. “I was trying to do it for me.”

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