Drill team dances at Disney World


DISNEY DAY. The starlettes explored Magic Kingdom and saw Fantasmis at Hollywood studios before heading back to the hotel and waking up early for practice.

Mayra Torres, Contributing Reporter

It’s a small world afterall. The Starlettes headed to Walt Disney World to perform their ‘Around the World’ dance routine during spring break.
After many car washes, butter braid sales, a kick-a-thon and a bake sale, the program managed take 25 Starlettes in a charter bus to Florida, where they would eventually perform and have a good time.
Starlettes director Heidi Kloes schedules this trip every three years, taking a break from dance competitions.
“Every year, we stay in the state and compete with other schools,” Kloes said. “This year is time to travel out of state.”
The dance performance lasted at an estimated 25 minutes and consisted of choreography that involved changing costumes, a whole team dance show, small group performances and solos. The Starlettes started practicing their routine since December 2018. Junior Lucia Maldonado said it involved lots of hours of hard work.
“It would be an everyday thing to practice these dances,” Maldonado said. “From our early morning practices, ‘til second period or after school ‘til 5.”
Sophomore Estephanie Flores said they danced to “different songs based on different places from around the world.”
The girls left school March 5, performed the following Monday, March 8, and packed their bags to go home Friday, March 12. At DIsney World, they danced in an outdoor stage and in front of a huge audience.
“I can just say that it started as a big crowd, and throughout the show it grew even more,” Maldonado said.
After performing, the girls got to enjoy the resort and all the rides.
“It was so much fun,” junior Itzel Salgado said. “Mostly because I got to ride the scariest rides with my besties, which made them really fun.”
The dance program will perform their final spring show April 26-27.

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