Lady Panthers crushed after season ends with loss of 0-15


Alexius Rocha, Staff Reporter

After a winningless district season, players and coaches see the positive aspect and look forward to changing results “This season was a really tough one for us,” sophomore Chloie Pollard said “I really hope we play tougher and harder next season.’’

The softball team finished its season 0-15, ending the season against Montgomery at home with a 7-1 loss.

“Practices were always a fun environment,”  senior Blakely Niles said.

Head coach Joshua Culp likes to push his team enough to get motivated, but likes to learn about his team at the same time.

“I’m not the kind of coach that’s going to be in your face yelling at you all the time,” Culp said. “I take my time to try and learn my athletes, you got to really try and get to know what makes them tick and I believe that really helps us have a better relationship with each other.”

Many of the girls worked hard everyday in practice and pushed themselves to extreme limits to grow as players.

Coach Culp does his best not to put too much pressure on his team, as he aims for a fun, competitive environment. In the process, making memories.

“As a program we went to Top Golf,” Culp said “We were able to kind of get away from softball and school and everything else just to be able to go out and have a good time with each other and grow a pretty good bond.”

The softball team worked on what they can improve independently, as well as cohesively.

“I really pushed myself to try and win every competition we had.” Niles said.

This season didn’t go as planned. Ideas to improve next year are already in the players’ mindsets.

“Next year I hope to overcome my fear of diving in the outfield,” sophomore Chloie Pollard said.

Last season, the lady panthers finished 4-10 in district, 3 spots from clinching playoffs.

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