NAHS, AP European students take trip to Museum of Fine Arts


Photo by: @TeamWixCCHS

VAN GOGH. National Art Honor Society and AP European students travel to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston April 6.

Nuvi Xon, Contributing Reporter

National Art Honor Society and AP european history students went on a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston on April 6.

The students left the campus at 10:30 a.m. and returned from the long drive at 6:30 p.m. 48 students along with teachers Lisa Renner, JD Humber, Jennifer Jimenez and Elaine Wix took the bus for an hour long trip on early Saturday morning. The teachers have taken their classes to the MFAH museum before, but this year the museum had a limited-time Vincent Van Gogh exhibit open.

“He is such an iconic artist and so important for our classes,” Wix said.

The MFAH is widely known in the state for having a variety of artwork from Vincent Van Gogh displayed.

“I went to there because last year I went and it was very fun and I hung out with my friends and I was gonna see the Van Gogh exhibit,” junior David Pinedo said.

After the drive was over students were left to roam the MFAH and look at the many paintings, including Van Gogh’s.

“It was a long drive and early in the morning, it was worth it to go,” sophomore Tuesday Leonard said.

Renner said he has scheduled to go with students several times to experience the value of art.

“We do go each year, some students did go last year and again this year,” Renner said. “It is something they look forward to each year.”

The students went on their own ways and walked through many exhibits like the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Indonesian to learn about each of them understand their history.

“I went because I wanted to see the all the statues and the sarcophagus, as well as with egyptian and greek part,” junior Katrina Kelly said. “All their statues were amazing and their sarcophagus (was too).”

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