School adds freshman wing

Gracie Lang, Student Life Editor

 Principal Dr. Jeff Stichler decided that a freshman wing would benefit the ninth graders last April.

 Classrooms have been changed so that all of the freshmen classes can be together and separated from the rest of the school. Having a freshmen wing doesn’t isolate the ninth graders completely. They can still interact with the upperclassmen unlike having a ninth grade campus.

 “Freshmen can get in touch with all the clubs and activities on campus and interact with other kids,” Stichler said. “On a 9th grade campus you have your own clubs and organizations and the next year you’re in the same boat with not knowing the kids and now you’re a 10th grader going through the same stuff a freshman does.” 

 Freshman Brooke Davis, thinks that being separated from the upperclassmen benefits the freshmen in multiple ways.

 “Honestly I kind of like having a freshmen wing because we don’t have the upperclassmen pushing us around,” Davis said. “The only thing I don’t like is that you are basically stuck in a few hallways and you can’t go anywhere else until after school.”

 Geometry teacher, Marta Puyana said that freshman spend less time trying to figure out where to go.

 “The freshmen wing is a good idea because they need a little more time to adjust to high school however, they don’t get to see the upperclassmen and they don’t get blanket modeling behavior,” Puyana said.

 According to freshman Emma Nuno, it’s easier to find her classes.

 “Our classes are closer together, so it helps us not be late to class,” Nuno said.

 Despite the recent changes, freshmen will still get to see the upperclassmen when they go to some of their electives.


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