Conroe ISD calls new bond after previous failure

Angie Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief

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The Conroe ISD Board of Trustees called a new $667.3 million bond package Aug. 20. 

The board proposed the new bond after the previous $807 million bond failed in May. The new one will be voted on Nov. 5 and consist of two propositions, which if approved, will not increase the tax rate. 

The first proposition will call for; $315.8 million for new campuses and additions, $44.5 million for safety and security projects, $25 million for district supporting service’s needs, $29 million for land and contingency, and $239.2 million for campus renovations. Principal Dr. Jeffrey Stichler says that a lot of the money in the proposal is planned to go into the Caney Creek feeder zone.

“There are two new elementaries, one junior high to replace Moorhead, and plans to turn the current Moorhead into a second intermediate school,” Stichler said. “There are also plans for fine arts and athletic renovations and additions here at Caney Creek to help our facilities be more in line with the 6A schools in the district.”

One of the controversial topics of the last bond was the amount of money being used towards artificial turf. This time, the turf will be voted on in its own proposition, separate from the buildings and upgrades, worth $23.8 million. 

“One of the biggest reasons for artificial turf is due to water constraints on the water well we use to supply water for Caney Creek, Moorhead, Milam, and Grangerland Intermediate,” Stichler said. 

Stichler also says that the turf would allow the band to practice on the field instead of the parking lot, as well as P.E. class, drill team, and ROTC among others.

If the bond fails, according to the district bond website, the district will have to divert money from other areas for several must-do projects including safety and security, campus infrastructure replacements, technology infrastructure, portable building purchases, relocations, and renovations, additional new buses, and design/land for future projects.