Texas Wal-Mart pranks on the rise


Alexius Rocha, Reporter

On June 8th, a young woman was arrested after she posted a video of her in a Wal-Mart store licking a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream and placing it back for other customers to buy. 

Many people were uncomfortable with shopping at walmart after the scandal, but to their surprise it was only the start. After that video was posted on Twitter many people started to post their own videos. Some people even went as far as putting Nair in shampoo, spitting mouthwash back in the bottle, and urinating on potatoes. 

“Me and my family would always shop at walmart,” Junior Clarissa Tejada said “After we saw everything that happened there we didn’t know if we could trust going to Wal-mart’s stores anymore.

The woman arrested was 17 years old and could face a possible 20 years in prison for criminal mischief. 

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