Video games deemed too violent for kids

Mario Rangel, Sports Editor

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There have been 248 mass shootings this year alone. Now, video games are starting to resurface on the news.

Many people believe there is a correlation between mass shootings and violent video games. Leading psychological organizations and famous political leaders are some of the people supporting these claims.

“Playing violent video games makes kids think it’s not as bad as it is,” Junior Jose Tamayo said. “Parents should be more strict about what they let their kids play.”

Junior Jorge Jaimes Jr. said the games inspire the kids but in a bad way.

“If kids play violent video games they will accept it,” Jaimes said. “They think whatever is happening in the game is okay.” 

Junior Juan Hernandez thinks video games offer relief from the things actually causing shootings.

“What cause you is bullying and hard moments in life,” Hernandez said. “But video games are to relief from all that. I have always played violent games and never shot a bullet.”

Senior Andres Turribiartes said video games are completely different than real life and it’s unfair they are getting blamed.

“One thing is video games and one thing is shooting something in real life,” Turrubiartes said. 

“You can’t blame a game for something it’s not even related to.”