TikTok is the new trend

Yesica Rodriguez, Reporter

Musical.ly was renamed TikTok on Nov. 9, 2017 to help draw in new people and represent them better.

TikTok was launched in China Sept. 2016 and launched internationally Sept. 2017. The app was developed in 200 days and within a year got 100 million users. 

“A TikTok ad got my attention while I was watching YouTube, “ junior Yojana Torres said. “The ad showed people dancing and lip-syncing to songs. It looked fun so I decided to download it and try it myself.” 

In the app users can film dancing, lip-syncing, cosplay videos and more. The videos are 15 seconds long and you are able to add songs and effects. Once you post a video people give it a heart, comment, share, and some even do a duet or try to recreate the video.

“I don’t really create videos but I still use the app to watch them,” senior Rylie Elsmore said. “Some videos are really funny and relatable that’s the only reason I use the app.”

Some trends that have been popular recently are ; #whatashame, #greenscreen, and #glowup. 

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