The Office, others will be removed from Netflix

Emily Osorio, Reporter

Netflix has announced that The Office, one of the most popular shows streaming on their app, will be removed.

The changes will be made at the end of the year 2020, although some are disconcerted about the changes there are some students who are fine with this show being removed. 

“I watched it and stopped because it was sort of like a documentary and documentaries bore me,” junior Mariela Galvan said.“I might give it a try and finish watching it after watching Criminal Minds.” 

Some students, like junior Brenda Lopez, say that they grew up watching this show, which makes it sad for them to have to figure out another way to still be able to watch it.

“The office always got so many laughs out of me, it’s a great show,” Lopez said. “I remember watching it so many days, sometimes without knowing what they said because I was younger and didn’t really comprehend well.”

The Office, along with many other shows, will be taken off of Netflix because of their licensing agreement with the content providers. 

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