Students adjust to cellphone policy

Gracie Lang , Student Life Editor


Students are now learning to deal with the new phone policy after cellphones were banned starting this year.

Administration sent out a survey to teachers Feb. 13 after numerous requests to change the phone policy. According to survey results, 54% of the teachers from last year said they want absolutely no phones in class, while 46% of the teachers said the policy should be at teacher discretion. 

 “We had a lot of teachers last spring say, ‘Hey, we’re having problems with phones in class,’” Assistant Principal Kathy Franklin, who conducted the survey, said. “As administrators we noticed when we were going into classrooms, there were a lot of kids that were on their phone watching movies or playing games while the teacher was teaching.”

Last year, cellphone policies were up to each teacher. Dance teacher Heidi Kloes said phones have always been forbidden in her class, unless it’s being used for a project. 

“We do use our phones for choreography projects and it is harder because it is difficult to have different groups of different sets of music,” Kloes said. “That means we have to go a little bit old school and use radios and CD players versus using current technology.” 

Sophomore Laela Cole said the new phone policy is “stupid” because students cannot listen to music at all in class like teachers were able to allow under the old policy.

“Most people concentrate with music so that they do their work, and we are not allowed to do that in any class (anymore),” Cole said.                            

According to senior Joseph Mezua, the phone policy does not bother him.

“It does not really affect me because I have always been the type of person to do my work no matter what, I guess the not being able to listen to music kinda bothers me,” said Mezua.

Sometimes people do not care because there is nothing to do on it anyway..

As senior Piper Smith says, “My phone and my life are pretty dry.”


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