Two teenagers learn to cut hair on their own


Photo by: Omar Perez

Senior Isaac Cantu gives haircut to senior Trinidad Rubio on Aug.28.

Omar Perez, News Editor

Photo by: Submitted Photo
Finished haircut of senior Ulysses Jr. Cruz, by his current barber Julian Salvador on Mon.

After watching a stream of YouTube videos and surfing their Instagram feeds, two Caney Creek students were inspired to start their own hair-cutting business.

Sophomore Julian Salvador and senior Isaac Cantu are known for giving haircuts to students after school. They both plan to get a business and barber license. Cantu says he was inspired to start cutting his own hair after receiving a “bad haircut.”

“It just gave me another reason to give it a try,” Cantu said. “After that I didn’t really have anything to lose. So I started cutting my own hair since freshman year and I’ve just progressed from there.”

Cantu said he is also planning to get a business degree in case he wants to open a barber shop in the future. 

“Spending money on more clippers that really went from there,” Cantu said. “As my job, all I do is cut hair. It’s pretty good, more money than a normal teenager makes.”

Salvador’s barber once gave him a comb and clipper guard to practice and get to the same level as him. Another barber of his gave him a free chair.

Salvador, now in cosmetology, started his hair-cutting journey at 12 years old. He used his dad’s old clippers from Wal-Mart on his brother to leave a design on his brother’s head. 

“It wasn’t that good,” Salvador said. “I didn’t know at the moment (I would be doing it in the future). I was just playing around, then I got into it and just learned from watching YouTube.”



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