Mario Kart Races to mobile


Photo by: Jackie Rebollar

Student playing Mario Karts on their iPhone.

Alexius Rocha, Staff Reporter

Teens are back to playing Mario Kart after Nintendo released its new mobile game ‘Mario Kart Tour’ on Sept. 25.
The game was highly anticipated because people have played the game on the Nintendo consoles when they were kids. Nintendo’s first ever version of Mario Kart came out in 1992.
“As a kid I used to play Mario Kart on the Wii,” junior Esmeralda Garcia said. “The game coming out on the phone just brought back so many childhood memories for me.”
Many enjoyed the new Mario Kart game, but like most games there are some people who were not pleased with the final release.
“I used to play Mario Kart on other consoles when I was a kid,” junior Eduardo Avila-Cazares said. “But when the game came out on the phone I didn’t enjoy it as much because you had to make a Nintendo account to play and it wasn’t the same as when I was a kid. I just don’t enjoy the new one.”
Mario Kart Tours game play on mobile is slightly different from Mario Kart on the Nintendo consoles. On the console Mario Kart already has certain characters unlocked for you to play with, while on Mario Kart Tour you start the game with one character the game gives you and you have to earn each character on your way up. You also have to earn your way from 50cc to 200cc instead of already having those speeds like you would on the console. Originally the game was supposed to come out in March but got pushed back when the developers were not satisfied with the finished product.

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