District buys new buses to replace ‘aging fleet’


Photo by: Kylie Taylor

NEW SET OF WHEELS. Conroe ISD purchases new buses to help with transportation to school events and activities. About 52,000 students are eligible for bus service.

Roberto Garcia, Staff Reporter

Conroe ISD bus routes might change due to the purchase of new buses. The new buses are paid for by grant and district funds, they are updated with newer appliances.

“Conroe ISD purchased new school buses using grant and district funds,” Director of Transportation Samuel X. Davila said, “(They were bought to) update our aging fleet (of buses) with buses that are equipped with seat belts and A/C.”

The transportation department has to take into account various factors when deciding the bus routes.

“Buses are assigned based on a variety of factors,” Davila said. “Including ride time, length of route, student load counts, and needs of the students.”

CISD purchased the buses to accommodate the increase of students in the area.

“As our district grows,” Davila said. “So does the need for school buses.The old buses are used for a variety of activities and services, which is why the district bought new ones.” 

The district provides transportation services to over 37,000 students each day. Approximately 52,000 of the more than 64,800 students in Conroe ISD are eligible for bus service.

“In addition to this, we run over 7,000 field trips in support of UIL contests, athletic events, and various other academic activities,” Davila said. “In order to continue this service, it is important to continue to purchase buses that meet our growing district’s needs.”

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