CCHS organizations help flood victims


Omar Perez, News Editor


Volunteers and organizations from Caney Creek helped out victims from the community that had been affected after the flood.

Organizations that helped out were; Choir, National English Society, NJROTC, and the football team. National English Honor Society donated supplies like; canned food, boxed foods, bathroom/hygiene products, laundry detergent, and clothes to help the flood victims, while other schools like Montgomery High School had their Student Council set up a Flood Drive devoted to raise items for the nearby schools that got affected.

Senior football player Ethan Robbins’ church notified coach Victor Bennett that volunteers were needed. Football players went to four houses that they helped clean out, tear up drywall and move out wet furniture for.

“I just wanted to help out the community because I knew there are a lot of people’s houses that got flooded,” junior Brandon Greenshields said. “They felt relieved and happy that we helped out. Some of them were old people, no way they would have done that by themselves.”

Two days after the flood, sophomore Zoe Griffith, part of NJROTC, went to check on one of her elderly neighbors’ house that had been flooded when she noticed that water had been rushing through their house. She told her Chief Donald Arms about the situation, where he then posted it on the NJROTC Facebook page. NJROTC then went to the home and sent the wife to the hospital for a broken elbow and shoulder.

“Thanks creek for coming to the aid of a neighbor, you are truly remarkable,” Arms said. “Even when you are having your own problems, I am truly blessed to have you in my life.” 


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