Caney Creek orders portibles in wake of Imelda


Photo by: Kylie Taylor

Yesica Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

After the recent flooding from Imelda, many classrooms and buildings in the school were affected and had to move into portables. 

The classrooms affected were; cosmetology, special education, construction, and some administrative offices.

“Ten portables have been leased for 6 months by insurance,” Dr. Jeffrey Stichler said. “Hopefully we will not need them for that long.”

The insurance company is covering the flood damage and bought the portables. Three were placed in the front for office space, while seven were placed in the back of the school for classrooms and storage. Stichler is hoping that building is finished fast. 

“When it comes to construction, it is hard to set a good date for when the building will be finished,” Stichler said. “I am hopeful it will be complete by Thanksgiving.”

Not only has the school been affected by the storms damage the students have too. They have had to make some adaptations due to them moving to the portables. It has mainly affected their lessons due to the new learning environment. 

“It’s very distinct from what we’re used to,” junior Rosbelia Rodriguez said. “It’s Overwhelming in the portables, the lab had so many unique features that were really necessary for the cosmetology course.”


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