Conroe ISD distributes food to students amidst COVID-19 scare


Photo by: Stephen Green

Conroe ISD employees waiting for the next car to go through with table full of meals.

Omar Perez, News Editor

Conroe ISD sponsored a food drive Tuesday, March 17 to help feed students that depend on their school for their daily meals.

After Conroe ISD decided to close down until April 10, the district was left to feed many of the students that are on free or reduced lunch and decided that a food drive was a good way to help those students in need. Participants arrived at the curbside around 9 a.m and started to distribute food from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. They distributed about 10,000 free meals district wide.

“We feel good about it,” Director of Child Nutrition Robyn Hughes said. “I think we’re doing a good deed. It benefits the children that are out of school. We had more participation than we anticipated. We didn’t run out of food, but we just didn’t except the numbers that we’re getting.”

Assistant Superintendent of operations James Kacur said there were cars backed up all the way to the turn  of the street and that they went through about 200 cars in 15 minutes.

“It’s been really successful here with the administration well-organized and able to get food to the family,”  Kacur said. “It’s what we wanted to try to accomplish with this done in a well organized way and able to distribute a lot of food today. It’s exactly what we wanted.”

Students received two meals for breakfast and lunch through their window of their car.

“I got to see some of my students and the kids that probably will be my students,” Moorhead science teacher Sherry Stewart said. “There’s a need. If I can step up and help fill it, well that’s my joy. We had many cars  come through.”

On Thursday, Conroe ISD will distribute more food to students from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. 

“It’s a good feeling, gets you out to help out, gets your face more known in the community,” counselor secretary Yessenia Morales said. “There’s a lot of kids and parents that need the help, so it doesn’t hurt to come out here, and show support. We’re trying to make sure everyone has enough for how long this will go on.”


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