‘Mulan’ lead hinders movie’s potential success: Opinion


Photo by: Disney

Alyssa Herdon, Student Life Editor

The success of  Disney’s new live-action remake of “Mulan” will not be as successful as some think.

“Mulan” retells the legend of a Chinese woman. Mulan is the eldest daughter of a honored warrior. She disguises herself as a man to take the place of her father to fight in the Industrial Army against northern invaders.

“Mulan” has a $200 million budget – largest budget of any female director. The  movie just came out last week and already has a 51% from Rotten Tomatoes audience and an 5.5/10 from IMDb. 

The movie caught the eye of public as soon as the trailer was released. Many are exited to see the princess from their childhood once again. Others are also glad to see a strong woman and people of Asian decent take major roles in a large scale Hollywood movie. While there are many that are excited, there are other who are extremely disappointed and are even boycotting the film.

Lui Yefei is the actress who plays Hua Mulan. Her casting of the role was quite positive until August of 2019. Around the time of major Hong Kong protest she tweeted something that angered many. This has caused people from Asian countries that are pro-democracy to boycott the film and Yefei.

“I support the Hong Kong police,” Yefei said on the Chinese social media Weibo. “You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong.”

Her words upset many people, but it is not the only thing people are upset about. There were many people, especially of Asian heritage, who are upset by the lack of diversity on screen. The film was changed from the Disney original to but more authentic but the director, costume designer, and much of the off-screen cast are white. 

People are starting to question if Mulan is just be another movie seen through a Eurocentric lens. 

The 2020 live action Mulan is available on Disney + if you already have a subscription to the streaming site through Premiere Access for $29.99. It will be free for subscribers on Dec. 4.

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