Hineman working to create legacy


Photo by: Brian Zarza

NEW MAN IN TOWN. Head coach Kendall Hineman at the Porter football game Thursday, Nov. 5. He has focused on building culture and environment in his first year to set the teams up for success in future years.

Jaden MacKinnon, Sports Editor

Kendall Hineman is serving his first year as the Athletic Director and head football coach at Caney Creek.
He is setting out to make a positive impact on student lives during his first year at Caney Creek.
“I’m trying to get a positive influence on these kids’ lives,” Hineman said. “I want to make it fun to play football again and hopefully that will start doing some very good things in this community and students will start turning around and being more excited about athletics.”
Hineman has many plans for this year after taking over for Nathan Barrier, who left after one year and now .
“As the athletic director, it’s making sure that all sports and activities are highlighted,” Hineman said. “In being able to highlight the great things in athletics that we’re doing, it will only help the student body get more excited and help the student body come out and support our teams.”
Hineman thinks that participation in sports needs to be encouraged more. He previously served as an assistant coach at Conroe High School where he graduated.
“Once they’re participating, we need to highlight the accomplishments,” Hineman said. “My goal is to make sure that every student athlete feels like they are a part of the entire process.”
“I want this to become a place where the news and Twitter and The Courier would want to come and cover our sports,” Hineman said, referring to what direction he wants to take our sports. “I don’t think that before I got here that we were highlighted enough. We are doing great things, but they aren’t for everybody to see. My goal is for everybody to know that great things are happening at Caney Creek.”
He has also made it his goal to keep athletes healthy and free from Covid-19.
“It always has to be on the forefront of our mind,” Hineman said. “We’re all social creatures and we all want to be around each other, but we have to be mindful that this virus is out there and it doesn’t pick and choose who it wants.”
He has also noted that the pandemic has changed practices.
“The processes of how practice goes, how we hydrate, and the dynamics of a team,” Hineman said. “We’re all spread out. It’s changed how we interact with our athletes and how they interact with each other. It’s really just being flexible and having an open mind on how we’re going to handle practices.”
Hineman said that they use an abbreviation as their motto: R.I.S.E.“Our student athletes are going to practice respect. They’re going to have high integrity. They’re going to have to learn a whole lot about sacrifice in doing things not for yourself, but for your brothers and sisters. They will have to put in effort. If you know those four things, if you carry those things with you not only on the field or in the gym or on the mat. If you carry those things with you to the classroom, you are going to succeed.”

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