Cheer places 4th at UIL State Championship

First time football players join cheerleading squads


Photo by: Omar Perez

Cheer squad wears their UIL spirit state championship T-shirt as they make a stand in front of the school.

Omar Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief


Cheer came home from UIL State placing the highest since last year as they moved up from 11 to fourth place this year.

In December, cheer placed first place in the Co-Ed Division having football players join in into the division for the first time having 10 males.

“That’s the highest place that caney creek ever got for state,” Cheer Coach Janel Jackson. “We got 4th overall in the state. Last year was the first year that they made finals, so you have to be in the top 20 to go to state finals and they made finals and ended up being 11. Which is still really great this year they moved up to 4th place.”

This year cheers main goal was to make finals and place in the top 3 in state. In the Co-Ed Division the team went to receive scoring feedback before state.

“We went to the competition to try to get feedback to find out what our scores look like going into state,” Jackson said. “We also wanted to make sure that all the yell leaders and our freshmen had the opportunity to compete before we went to state because they never compete before.”

In the division they came back with first place, as the mascots Penelope placed first and Pede placed second. 

“That’s really exciting to go to the awards ceremony and then being in the final four,” Jackson said. “So you’re waiting around to find out if you get to go down to the awards because you got to be in the top 10 to go down to be part of the ceremony. We made [it to the] award mat.”

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