Boys varsity defeats Montgomery

Mario Leon man of the match for yesterday’s game


Photo by: Omar Perez

Omar Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief

Boys varsity soccer team is off to a strong start in district competition, winning last night’s game 9-1 as they defeat Montgomery.

First year in varsity being a freshman Mario Leon had been announced man of the match for scoring 3-goals. As he made the first-two goals just when the game had started.

“Being man of the match for the first district game is just a feeling that you can’t explain,” Leon said.  “After that first goal I felt more motivated to go for more goals and keep the team always motivated.”

After scoring each goal Leon received celebrations from his teammates as he jumped into the air, raising his hands and telling his team “Ya ganamos” meaning “we won already.”

“Before the game I felt nervous and anxious to get my first district game started,” Leon said. “Being a varsity freshman for me is a blessing and shows that all the work pays off and I’m going to keep on working hard everyday.”

“This is a great start,” soccer coach Andrew McGregor said. “Step to them now, get out or recover. We want a zero at the end of the game big egg-o. Keep it respectful, Come up-fire.” 

In the second quarter, freshman Alexis Cruz kicks the ball towards the goal from the center of the field just for it to hit the pole. During the last twenty minutes, Cruz kicks the ball for a penalty ,and finally makes a goal. You could hear the cheers from his mother “Vamos Alex, Vamos Alex, Vamos Alex!” Meaning “Let’s go Alex!”

“I was confident when I shot the ball and after the shot I was shocked that the ball hit the post,” Cruz said. “I was disappointed but my team hyped me up and when I made a goal it felt good. It was my first district goal. I was in excitement and we all celebrated.”

On Friday, Caney Creek will play against Kingwood Park. 

“This Friday we are for sure taking the 3 points back to the creek,” Leon said. “We are going to give it our all as the team we are. Thanks to everyone that took their time to come support us and we appreciate y’all.”


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