President Joe Biden reverse immigration policies

During Donald’s Trump administration parents leave voluntary


Photo by: Omar Perez

Omar Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief

President Joe Biden has signed three executive orders on immigration and border policies reversal of former President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, according to Market Watch

Biden enforced a 100-day deportation moratorium starting Jan.22 as deportations will not continue forward unless with final orders of removal.

“There’s a lot of talk, with good reason, about the number of executive orders that I have signed. I’m not making new laws. I’m eliminating bad policy,” Biden said.

During the Trump Administration immigration officers begin to deport more undocumented immigrants, migrant parents have started to voluntary leave the country out of fear of being sent back. Trump Administration had been building up potential mass immigration raids, stating ICE would begin removing ‘millions,” of undocumented immigration from the United States.

One student from Caney Creek was left living without his two undocumented parents, after they left to Morelia Michoacán, Mexico. This student has requested to stay anonymous because of the fear of legal repercussions. 

“Once (my parents) started hearing about the law, they decided to pack everything up,”  he said. “They wanted a better future for me, so they decided to let me stay here so that I can finish school.” 

His parents made the decision to leave their son in the United States so he could finish high school and follow his dreams. The student has been alone without his parents for about two years since he began his freshman year, saying he struggles a lot without them.

“When they were here everytime we would go out, we were pretty much happy as a family,” he said. “But once they left I was left alone. I feel lonely and so that hurts emotionally and once a while like every month I would feel so much pain and so I would cry.”

Psychology teacher Elaine Wix said in Aug 2019, facing adult situations can cause great psychological effects to someone who is that young. 

“It can feel selfish going to college, spending family money on your own tuition,” Wix said. “For some students it might be easier once they leave high school to go straight to work because they have immediate needs.”

Despite his struggles, he encourages others to keep fighting.


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