Students not required to be vaccinated


Photo used with permission from Maryland GovPics from flicker| Nurse gives patient Covid-19 vaccine.

Jenn Zuniga, Reporter

Starting up this school year students will not be required to get the COVID vaccine. 

“I’m young so I don’t think I need it as much and being younger it could have some side effects,” junior Kylie Byler said.  

But other students think getting a vaccine is a good course of action.

“Yes, I think it did make a difference because the science behind it makes a lot of sense,” sophomore Alan Salinas said. 

Though the vaccine is not necessary for staff and students alike. It is still accepted for students who wish to, to wear masks. 

 “We do not require vaccines, but if someone wants to get vaccinated we’ll help them out with any sources and any areas that might offer vaccines for them,” Dr. Jeffry Stichler said.” But we don’t require vaccines  even employes in this school aren’t required to get the vaccine. If you want to get the vaccine you can. Student’s that are not going to wear their mask will be encouraged to if they’re not feeling good.”

On top of vaccines and masks no longer being required. Social distancing and quarantine periods for students exposed to covid will no longer be required.

 “A lot of things from last year are going to be gone,” Stichler said. As I was if someone in your class has covid you’ll be notified but you don’t have to quarantine for 10 days.”

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