Band’s return to normalcy after 2 years of COVID-19 restrictions


Photo by: Kaylee Freeman

Band students practice in the cafeteria without masks before school starts on July 28 due to the construction occurring in the school’s parking lot and with less restrictions with Covid-19. Freshmen Addy Blanks said “We had to wear a face shield while playing, and every time we had to go over rhythms we had to have a facemask.”

Anna Bryant, Reporter

Over the years new freshman and returning band members have returned to Caney Creek High School early to practice. While the pandemic was in full force many activities were affected. The band’s regular summer practice and now summer life is finally returning to normal. 

The band was unable to have their complete schedule for competitions and events last year. Everything was pushed to later dates and even attendance was affected. 

“We ran a very reduced schedule comparatively to a regular school year,” Head band director Jeremy Rehbein said. “We compensated by reducing the rigor and length of the show.”

The band’s activities and events were all cancelled except UIL. Although this year they will be running a full schedule. 

“This year, we will attend all 10 football games and travel to at least five band competitions,” Rehbein said.

With new and old students now meeting, there are definitely new changes up and coming.

“This year’s band definitely seems more prepared, given that we actually have time to come here,” junior Harvey Hays said. 

With the growing number of students, the band is starting to run out of room from last year to this year. Though this year they are practicing in the band halls and the cafeteria. 

“We were unable to fit the full band in any indoor space being socially distanced,” Rehbein said. “So frustrating.”

Band is making lots of changes this year. Such as hiring more staff to break down students into smaller groups for more one on one time. 

“We have a lot more people, and we actually have better teachers at the junior high,” Hays said. 

Throughout the day, students work with other different leveled students with the same instrument and work together to improve themselves.

“The afternoon is spent on our instrument in a sectional format,” Rehbein said. “The end of each day is spent in full ensemble so that we can put together everything we have worked on for that day.”

Band is hopeful to compete at the UIL competition for 2021. 

“We are traveling in the spring for UIL Concert and Sight Reading Evaluation and we are planning our spring trip to Disney,” Rehbein said.