CISD COVID cases high after first week


CISD COVID Safety chart. Show’s the different levels of cases and what the district will do in response.


Roberto Garcia, News Editor

Conroe ISD reaches level four in the Covid safety alert level after eight days of school.

CISD has created a level system depending on how many Covid cases the district gains, the level system will decide what precautions schools will take as the covid cases become higher. CISD has urged staff to ensure all precautions are met to avoid the spread of the virus.

“The District cannot urge you strongly enough to take all precautions necessary to protect students and staff and keep our buildings open,” Deputy Superintendent Dr. Chris Hines stated. “Do not come to work sick. Report your absences. Complete the daily COVID-19 check-in and take all the preventative measures we proved worked last school year. While the District cannot require any student or staff member to wear a mask, please give strong consideration to wearing a mask during this period of high transmission.”

The District’s covid cases have hit 1,398 equaling up to a quarter of the previous year’s peak cases according to COVID-19 Impact dashboard.

If the district covid cases increase to the final level, the district will decide whether to close down all feeder areas and schools.

“By current TEA rules, we may not have the ability to transition to remote instruction this year,” Hines stated. “Unless the rules change, this means that any minutes missed due to a closure will have to be made up by either lengthening the school day or adding days to the calendar, or a combination of both.”

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