Senior Football Player Awarded Courier Player of the Week

Alex Sanchez, Reporter

Senior Cooper Mullin jogs off the field after the end of the quarter. (Photo by: Emily M)

Cooper Mullin, a senior and football player in Caney Creek High School was awarded the player of the week by The Courier. His performance in the game versus Pasadena on August 9 in which he forced two fumbles, recovered a fumble and had five tackles were the deciding factors on how they ended up winning the game, and his award.

“Going into the game I was nervous about what the outcome would be,” Mullin said. “but I was ecstatic during the game when I looked up at the scoreboard and saw points being added and added. After the game I was relieved and content of what we had accomplished.”

Mullin began playing football at age 12. He was influenced by his brothers who had also played the sport while growing up. Cooper attributes his success in the sport to all his coaches over the years. 

“Football improved me as a person by becoming a better planner, a better listener, and a better communicator with other people,” Mullin said.

Mullin feels that the coaches are wonderful this year and that can be proven by their performance on the field.

 “The coaching we are receiving this year is, like every other year, exceptional,” Mullin said. “The coaches have a mentality of never giving up and to strive for greatness. Their good coaching can be shown on the field by us racking up points.”

Mullin’s friends and family are likely to be seen at many of his games.

“My family and friends have always been there for me since day one and I hope it continues to be that way,” Mullin said.

Many would say that Football is a game where you can’t be individualistic if you want to win.

 “Team bonding is one of the most important things in any sport,” Mullin said. “If you can’t trust our teammates or even connect with them just a little, our overall performance would go down hill.”