Masks at Caney Creek


Photo by: Kaylee Freeman

German students Alexa Mercado, Kyleigh Clark, Victoria Famer, and Leah Wallace, working on their assignment using the resources provided. When Wallace was asked about why she chose to wear her mask she said “I chose to wear my mask because I do have high risk family member’s, and I would like to protect them and myself and other people.”

Anna Bryant, Reporter

CISD has decided to follow Governor Greg Abbott’s law banning a mask mandate in schools, in lieu of his recent restraining order.

“There’s only one rule that says we can’t mandate masks and there hasn’t been any other rule that says any difference, so we’re going to follow the rules,” Principal Jeffrey Stichler said.

Conroe ISD will not be having a mask mandate due to Government Abbott’s Executive order GA-38 according to Doctor Curtis Null’s latest Youtube update.

 “We’re still in that same spot where some people are upset and some aren’t,” Doctor Null said. 

The students who do not wear masks, do not wear them for a variety of reasons.

“Two reasons I don’t wear my mask,” Senior Caelen Fries said. “One, I have to wear it at work and two, I’ve already had it so I’m not worried.”

Some students decide to abandon masks due to comfortability, while others wear it for comfort. 

“I just feel comfortable wearing them,” Senior Adriana Gonzalez said. “It makes it easier to talk to people.”

Students wearing masks wear them due to their parents’ wishes, and some do it because they have family members who are more at-risk. 

“I have a baby cousin with a blood disorder,” Junior Jailynn Blair said. “When she got a cold she had to be on life support, if she got Covid, it would be a lot worse.”

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