Caney Creek Experiences Ink Shortage

Aaron Bloomfield, Reporter

Teachers were informed on Thursday, Sept. 30 that there was a shortage of toner for the copy machine and more wouldn’t be available until the end of October. Because of this shortage students have noticed a lack of printed work and have had to use lined paper for their school work.

Associate Principal Nancy Kahn informed teachers through an email that the school wouldn’t have any toner for the copy machines for at least a month. Kahn informed teachers that they may have to go a long time without using the copy machines.

“Xerox is telling us that they cannot get any toner in the whole USA until the end of October or perhaps even later,” Kahn wrote in the email.

Kahn told teachers it was important for them to not use the copy machines until more toner was available.

“The copy machines are shut down because we must reserve the little toner we do have for our legal documents for ARDS/504/LPAC and attendance,” Kahn wrote in the email.

Kahn said that teachers should start to find ways to continue lessons without the aid of the copy machines.

“Start problem-solving this issue with your team,” Kahn wrote in the email, “get creative.”

Kahn firmly believes that the teachers will be able to get past this obstacle.

“There is one element of CCHS teachers that continually impresses me,” Kahn wrote in the email, “and it’s that we pivot and adapt to even the craziest of situations.”





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